Golden Oldies Soccer


Hopefully after the overseas holidays of many players and after all this rain, we may have some decent Sundays to continue our games again. In the meantime we had our Xmas drinks and BBQ, which I missed by being overseas myself, but they were well attended to, going by the bank statements.

Also this month we had our belated AGM, where in all positions were vacant, but all incumbents re-instated. One thing became very clear and that is that: Too few are doing the lifting and too many are doing the leaning in terms of finances.

We realize that due to advanced years some are NOT playing any more, but they are still contributing. There are many others who play for free, and do NOT assist in the viability of both our Golden Oldies and The Austrian Club.

It would be “FUNNEST” to continue our free field allocation as our players are known by the Wakehurst players who use Ararat as a training field and during the competition use it as an extra home field, but they want it also on Sundays for the whole day. A fact the new Warringah Administrator knows as he can get extra rent for it.

To strengthen our own hand in this, our committee has decided that all players have to pay their half year $20 contribution and that non-members have to become Austrian Club members at the nominal fee as most are retirees anyway.

This month we also had our annual dinner as our Golden Oldies sponsored dinner with our partners at Ramons Restaurant in Frenchs Forest. Some 30 people enjoyed a great night and great food, which everyone appreciated, however as the Treasurer I can say that the overall cost for this was as a result of our income from last year's GO Dinner Dance, which apart from a few members was NOT attended to by all these diners. i.e. an irony which shows that unless we ALL attend our only annual function to raise funds for all our activities, everyone and their friends are welcome to help us. to keep our Golden Oldies viable, is crucial.

Despite the wet ground, our recent games were well attended with 7 or more players per team, which with the upcoming winter can only improve. i.e. on the playing front, our Golden Oldies look good. See you at the game.

Best regards,
Pim Ravestijn